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Turquoise* Bird, Horned Owl by Cris Sandoval

Cris Sandoval

Turquoise* Bird, Horned Owl by Cris Sandoval

$ 328.00

A Kingman Mine stabilized turquoise horned owl carved by Cris Sandoval - a new carver for Sunshine Studio. The owl looks to its left side with big mother-of-pearl and penn shell inlaid eyes and has a lovely offering bundle circling the girth with sinew, featuring a big cuprite bead surrounded by coral beads and then penn shell heishi. Cris is the son of Melvin Sandoval & Jennifer Lunasee. He is related to the carvers Vernon, Ronnie & Reynold Lunasee, Fabian Tsethlikai, Rosella Soseeah & Prudencia Quam. We are so excited to have Cris's work! He tells us that he loves jaspers & finding unique stones that are not so commonly carved. The Zuni believe the owl can see what others can not - they assist in helping to root out deception and they can get to the essence of true wisdom. The feathery tufts or horns on the owl's head are considered signs of spiritually powerful beings for many tribes.
Artist: Cris Sandoval
Size: 2-3/8 in. long x 1-1/4 in. wide x 1-3/8 in. tall

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