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Jet Bird, Raven by Derrick Kaamasee

Derrick Kaamasee

Jet Bird, Raven by Derrick Kaamasee

$ 130.00

A mid size jet raven with turquoise inlaid eyes carved by Derrick Kaamasee letting out a “caw”! Derrick know exactly how to describe the raven's feathers - he utilizes different sizes of angled lines and arcs to great effect - for never do the lines seem repetitive or overstated! The raven has a polished smooth beak and rests on well defined tree stump - so the tail can lyrically flow downwards. A raven doesn't have to be a bad omen. The Zuni have told Sunshine Studio that they are filters and they are messengers of the great mystery; so they represent a change in consciousness - all good.
Artist: Derrick Kaamasee (signed)
Size: 2-7/8 in. long x 1-7/8 in. wide x 4 in. tall

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