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American Indian Art

Welcome to American Indian Art from Sunshine Studio - Santa Fe Indian Traders, doorway to the widest variety of southwest Native American art and crafts on the Internet.

Southwest Jewelry
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Southwest jewelry-handmade with the skill of true artisans. That's what you'll find at Sunshine Studio. Delight your eyes with their extensive quality collection of Southwest jewelry, made by North American tribes. Imagine wearing these Southwest jewelry pieces: hand-made Navajo chains in antiqued silver; delicate sterling silver crosses from the Zuni tribe, with either coral cabochons or turquoise petit-points; or a Zuni turtle fetish bracelet with a turquoise frog mounted on a traditional Navajo-stamped sterling silver; or an elegant Navajo sterling silver dragonfly pin with multiple textures.

Zuni Fetish
Click here for southwest jewelry,zuni fetish,Zuni fetishes,Zuni fetish necklaces,indian jewelry and american indian jewelry
Traditional, protective and healing-that's the mark of a Zuni fetish. Typically, a Zuni fetish is made from natural materials and carved into an object, which represents an animal. Many artists make the Zuni fetish the center of their jewelry piece. For instance, Zuni artist Tim Lementino created a stunning Zuni fetish necklace with ravens. The piece touts 12 ravens and a larger flying raven at the bottom of the necklace. Visit for an enjoyable collection of Zuni fetish art pieces and other fine Native American jewelry.

Zuni Fetishes
Click here for southwest jewelry,zuni fetish,Zuni fetishes,Zuni fetish necklaces,indian jewelry and american indian jewelry
Zuni fetishes usually revolve around animals-their claws, fangs, senses and elemental forces. The whole point of Zuni fetishes is to evoke the animal spirits, who act as messengers to the gods. Zuni fetishes and their corresponding power animals appear in necklaces or other carved images. At Sunshine Studio, you'll discover a wondrous collection of Zuni fetishes to tantalize your eyes, such as a single-strand necklace by Zuni artists Debra Gasper and Ray Tsethlikai, touting 17 frogs with coral eyes.

Please let us know if there is some way in which we can help you with your American Indian art. We love the art as we are collectors ourselves and hope to share our enthusiasm with you. Do not hesitate to contact us for any reason.

Arch Thiessen

Sunshine Studio

3180 Vista Sandia

Santa Fe, NM 87506

phone: 505-984-3216

new order line: 1-800-348-9273


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